Meet The Team


Meet Noora, the design brain behind Mint 2 Be Design Studio. This sassy Finland native packed her bags and moved across the world to Seattle in 2016. Noora has a very versatile creative background from dancing, to doing hair, to interior design. Being highly detail oriented, she has a passion for perfection and nothing goes unnoticed. Noora has worked for a Business and Real Estate Law Firm in Seattle, so she has a strong knowledge for administrative work, business and real estate as well. Jason’s love of photography got her drawn in to the world of photos and her love of design and detail makes the perfect combination for Real Estate and Design Photography. Noora loves to create beautiful spaces and knows the secrets to successful and appealing design and staging.


Meet Jason, the video- and photography mastermind behind Mint 2 Be Design Studio. This southern gentleman grew up in Alabama but has had the pleasure of living all around the country. Jason has a long and successful career as a DJ and in retail management. He always knew he wanted to be in the Real Estate industry and fulfilled his dream in becoming a Real Estate Broker shortly after moving to Seattle. Jason loves the Real Estate industry and wanted to bring his knowledge to a new creative form. The love of photography lead him to explore the world of videography, and completely sucked him in. Jason is extremely skilled in presenting the best qualities of what he shoots and creates gorgeous footage for our clients.